New Single: 'Christine' - Teaser Video

Well, it's been well over a year since the release of my single 'Just For Tonight' on the follow up of the 'Endless Echoes' LP. On the 1st March 2023, I will be releasing a brand new track titled 'Christine', taken from my new album 'Dan Le Noir'. My original plan was to spend the […]

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My Home Studio Setup For Producing Synthwave Music (2022 Edition)

What's going on everyone, Fabz here, a.k.a. Megaglitch. I thought it would be cool for me to write a blog post and share with you my home studio setup as well as the software that I use for producing synthwave music. Let's dive right in. OK, so when I'm not creating music, I'm busy working […]

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'Endless Echoes' Debut LP Releasing In September 2021: What Next For Megaglitch?

Hey everyone, it's Fabz here a.k.a Megaglitch. I'm just going to cut to the chase and tell you that it gives me enormous pleasure to announce the release of my debut LP, 'Endless Echoes', which I'm so excited about. What started off as a simple lockdown project in early 2020, with no real intention, has […]

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