Megaglitch is an electronic synthwave music producer from the UK. His love for composing music emerged while learning to play the guitar from the age of 17. In his early twenties, he began experimenting with both rock and electronic music, producing several low-profile EPs and playing his songs at local venues in and around the South West of England, often jamming with other local musicians.

In 2005, the ambitious artist gave up writing, recording, and playing music to focus on building his personal brand business as a visual artist, content creator, and digital marketer. Married life and having a family also put producing and playing music on hold for a long while.

It wasn't until around 2015 that he would pick up the guitar again. "As the old saying goes - it's like riding a bike, you just never forget," he says.

Finally, during a time when the world was heading into an unprecedented lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, Megaglitch was born.

Megaglitch started as a simple lockdown project.

"I had already set up and built my online businesses over the years, and most of them were running on autopilot, thankfully. When the Covid lockdown happened, the work began to slow down a little, and so I needed something to do to stay productive. I needed to find something else that I could do passionately and creatively, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to reignite my love for creating music. So, most of 2020 was spent learning how to produce music again".

"I had to rediscover everything and refresh my understanding of using a DAW, VSTs, synth emulators, plugin effects, drum machines, mixers, etc. So much had changed since I last dabbled with music creation. But, I've had a lot of fun learning and long may the learning continue".

"Things were a tad bit different back in 2005. I remember recording my first couple of songs using an old Tascam 488 MkII cassette recorder. And then a Roland VS880EX workstation. Kinda telling my age a little. Yup, I'm a dinosaur".

His first single in over 15 years, titled 'The Breach', was released on Bandcamp in December 2020. "The track is far from my best work, it was OK. But the feeling of releasing new music was something else ", he says.

On September 22nd, Fabz dropped his first LP under his new stage name, Megagltich, titled 'Endless Echoes' which is currently available on Bandcamp. It will also be available for streaming on all major platforms shortly after this date.

Megaglitch will continue promoting his debut LP 'Endless Echoes' throughout 2022, before thinking about writing new material for a second LP or EP to be released hopefully in the Spring of 2023.

Megaglitch's sound can be defined as energetic, dreamy, ambient, and sometimes dark. Taking endless inspiration from the likes of Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and David Arkenstone to name a few.

Megaglitch's music is a melodic blend of classic and new synth sounds, hard-hitting kick drums, huge snares, simple one-note, walloping basslines, arpeggio melodies, dreamy guitar leads, and vocoder-laden vocals.

Whilst most synthwave music is all about the synths, it's the drums and basslines that are most prominent in Megaglitch's present sound.

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